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Customized Training Plan

*without ongoing support

  • You want to get started with running but don't have the time do dig through all of the information out there.

  • You are looking for a training plan that is customized to your specific schedule, needs and goals without spending all of your free time researching and learning on your own. 

  • You are tired of trying the pre-made training plans on Google that don't work with your lifestyle and have previously led you to train inefficiently. 

  • You want someone who can provide you a training plan that meets your needs and makes getting started easy!

  • You want to train successfully for your first or next race and crush the goals you have set for yourself.

  • You want to build running into your life and build a routine in a way that feels easy.


That's what I'm here to help you accomplish!

A customized training plan can help you train smarter, not harder.

Training Plan - What's Included

  • 60 min goal setting call:

    • ​Identify your running goals, your challenges, discuss your running history and everything we need to know to set you up for success in running.

  • 3- to 6-month customized training plan based on your running goals:

    • Completely customized training plan based on your schedule and lifestyle, your goals and your running history.

    • Strength and stability training days outlined and customized for any prior injuries or areas of improvement.

    • Run days, times and lengths outlined specifically for you.

  • Resources:

    • Resource vault of suggested workouts to pull from so you don't have to make them up or find them yourself.

    • Workout vault includes strength training, running specific workouts, yoga/stretching and more. 

  • Heart Rate Zone Targets:

    • Heart rate zone targets identified to help you train to the maximum point of efficiency.

*There is always the option to add-on 1:1 dedicated coaching to your training plan if you decide you want dedicated support after you invest in a training plan.

Work with me

Do you think this is the best next step for you?

Book a free call to find out if this is what you need to help you meet your running goals and talk about next steps!

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