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joyful running challenge

Are you ready to say YES to yourself?

  • To get started with a running routine and make it a natural part of your day.

  • To start putting yourself first and trust that you can be consistent.

  • To consistently fit running into your day in a way that feels good.

  • To feel proud that you followed through on your commitments.

  • To be able to confidently call yourself a RUNNER.

  • To be surrounded by likeminded individuals who you can relate to

       and be in community with.

Woman smiling while running

Does this sound familiar?

You're tired of starting and stopping.

You feel that you're always having to "start over" when it comes to running.

You find yourself longing to include running into your life but get stuck trying to make that happen.

You consistently feel that life gets in the way of making running a part of your routine.

You often find yourself debating whether or not you should get out for a run and wondering why you can't seem to fit running into your schedule.

You wonder if you'll ever be a "runner".


I was once in this exact same space. It's difficult to envision your life one way yet know your reality is another. That's why I'm starting the Joyful Running Challenge - to help you get out of this rollercoaster, start making running a priority and find joy & confidence in the journey!

My Journey



I started and stopped for YEARS. I always felt that starting over was such a task. I kept envisioning myself as a woman who prioritized her health through running but found myself letting life get in the way of that vision. I was intimidated by the "hard core" runners that seemed to eat, sleep and breathe running.


When I finally found a community of runners at the same stage as I was, I was able to make running more fun! I was able to celebrate myself for every step I took forward and found myself able to achieve bite sized running goals. 


I was finally able to make running part of my life consistently and built confidence & joy through running. 


Here's how the JOYFUL RUNNING CHALLENGE will help you become the runner you've always wanted to be:


Come together with runners at the same stage as you. Access to Joyful Running Challenge Facebook group to ask questions and celebrate your wins.


We create bite sized goals to get started, create momentum through consistency and celebrate every victory!


Mindset work to help running feel enjoyable, less of a burden and find joy along the way!


Daily emails with a tip, tool or resource to help you get started and be consistent. Access to my signature "How to Build a Running Routine that Actually Works" workbook.

When I joined my first running group, I had all of the doubts:

I've tried things like this before and they didn't work.

I don't have time to run every day.

I'm not going to fit in because I'm not a "real runner".

These thoughts and doubts are normal. Change is hard. But change is what you're after so don't let your brain hold you back.


Even though I was nervous joining my first running group, I did it anyways. And I've never looked back! From community to resources, the Joyful Running Challenge will help you find what you're capable of.

You got this.

Running doesn't have to be hard. 

You are fully capable of incorporating running into your life. 

You can only put yourself first when YOU make the decision to put yourself first. 

Just do it. You have nothing to lose. 

Join the challenge and we'll make running easy for you.

You'll get the support you've been missing. 

What Joyful Running Challenge Participants Are Saying

“The different blogs each day were nice reminders that running should be fun, no matter what the reason is behind why you do it."

Jeff, MO

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Are you ready to say YES to yourself?

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Joyful Running Challenge!

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