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I'm Amy! I'm a health and wellness coach - helping others build confidence and find joy in running so they can create a lifestyle of wellness and crush their goals.

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My running journey

It took me YEARS to feel confident and educated about my running plan.


Since high school, I used running as a way to maintain or lose weight but it always felt like a punishment.


As the years went by, I began to enjoy the time I spent running: it became something I looked forward to and less of a chore. I then began signing up for races as a way to maintain motivation but had no defined goals other than to finish. I could never stay consistent - always off and on again.

I desired a life where I could incorporate running into my lifestyle to a point where it felt natural. I wanted to train better, feel better and show my body the love and respect it deserved.


However, I found myself lost in the web of information that is available and unsure of how to make practical use of it. I tried the pre-made training plans online but the lack of customization led me to train in ways that didn't help me improve and sometimes led to injuries. 

When I finally said YES to myself and invested in a coach, I was able to feel fully confident and educated for the first time as a runner.


Here I am now, having run everything from 5Ks to marathons. As a health and wellness coach, my mission is to save others the years I spent going in circles. I want to share the joy that running brings and helps other women feel invincible, like they can do anything!

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When I made the decision to invest in a coach, I was incredibly nervous if it was the right choice.

  • What if this doesn't help me?

  • What if this is a waste of time and money?

  • What if I can do just as well if I train on my own?

  • What if the coach isn't a good fit for me?

These are all normal thoughts that come up for us when we are making any kind of a decision regarding change. But change is what you're after, so don't let fear hold you back.

Despite my fear, I acted and invested in a coach, and it changed my life. I realized that investing in a coach was investing in myself.


Receiving individualized coaching in a program like this can lead to increased confidence over the course of a lifetime and help you find the spark of invincibility that running can give you!

“I LOVED our coaching sessions and looked forward to talking to Amy every week and seeing what runs she had in store for me. Amy was so pleasant and easy to work with.  I loved the ability to communicate with her through Voxer.  Would highly recommend the one-on-one coaching if you're someone like me who has a very specific goal in mind."

Jennifer M, IL

Education & Experience

UESCA Running Coach Logo - Transparent B

Certified Running Coach

United Endurance Sports Coaching Academy Running Coach Certified

Bachelor's of Science in Nursing

I've always been passionate about our physical bodies and how we can use them to live happy healthy lives.

13+ Years of Coaching & Education Experience

Helping others learn and become their best selves is what I love to do and have been doing for over 13 years.

Long-time Distance Runner

From 1-mile fun runs to marathons, I've ran over 40 races and don't plan on slowing down anytime soon! I have pushed myself beyond what I thought I could do and continue to grow in my own running journey.

Lifelong Learner

I enjoy debunking old running myths, digging into data and research, and learning from others. It's important to me to continue learning and growing as a runner and a coach.

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Work with me

As your coach, I'm here to guide you through the process of becoming a runner or getting to the next level in your running routine, so that you can feel confident in yourself, find joy in the journey and consistently crush your goals. If you're ready to say YES to yourself, sign up now for a free introductory call!

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To help you plan running into your life in a way that gives you control over the process, putting you on the path to crush your goals.

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