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Dedicated, 1:1 coaching can take you from
doubt to confidence.

  • You're tired of starting and stopping when it comes to running and wish you'd finally stick to a running routine.

  • You're tired of running feeling difficult because the pre-made training plans you found on Google don't make any sense and don't work with your lifestyle. 

  • You’re tired of not knowing what to do after spending hours trying to decipher the conflicting running advice on the internet and ending right back where you started.

  • You want to incorporate running into your life and build a life of wellness. You want to wake up in the morning and look forward to your run!

  • You want to feel educated and confident in your training plan because you KNOW it’s going to work for you!

  • You want to train successfully for your next race and crush the goals you have set for yourself. 

That's what I'm here to help you accomplish! 


I'm Amy - a certified running coach and my mission is to share the joy that running brings and helps others feel invincible, like they can do anything.

You aren't like everyone else. You shouldn't train like it.

Here's how my 1:1 individualized coaching program will help you meet your running goals:



Together we create a personalized training plan tailored to you; based on your fitness level, opportunities, aspirations, strengths and schedule, with your end goal as the north star.


We work through common running myths, help you understand your plan and the why behind it, discuss the importance of hydration, nutrition, recovery, and more, so you feel confident in your training.


We create momentum through consistency and take time to celebrate every victory, no matter the size. Stay accountable with regular check-ins and personalized feedback.


We overcome motivation fluctuations, self-doubt and limiting beliefs so that you can get out of your own way. Enhance resilience so you can bounce back from challenges with a more powerful mindset.

1:1 Coaching - What's Included

  • 60 min goal setting call:

    • ​Identify your running goals, your challenges, discuss your running history and everything we need to know to set you up for success in running.

  • Customized training plan:

    • ​Customized training plan developed for you, broken down into 1-to 2-week chunks and modified as we go based on your progress and challenges.

    • Plan is tailored based on your availability as well as your strengths and opportunities.

    • Your plan is tweaked specifically for YOU!

  • 30 min check-in calls:

    • ​Weekly calls to celebrate your progress, talk through your challenges, and put together a plan to keep you crushing your goals.

    • Provide education around your training, nutrition, hydration, recovery, and more. Plus, I'll provide answers questions that arise and ensure you're confident in your plan.

  • Support in between calls:

    • Available to answer ANY and ALL questions that come up as you’re training throughout the week while creating momentum through consistency. 

Does this sound familiar?

  • You’ve either been thinking about how to incorporate running into your life or you’ve tried but get overwhelmed on how to do this. 

  • You research running strategies and plans but get exhausted trying to decipher the neverending conflicting information out there.

  • You have used pre-made training plans before and didn’t see the results you desired.

  • Not feeling educated, confident, or prepared stops you from moving forward or leaves you stuck in your current routine

  • You've been training for a certain goal (time, distance, etc.) but keep coming up short and you're not sure how to move the bar forward.


I hear you. I see you. I once found myself in the same place as you are now.


This is why I’m here to guide you through the process of becoming a runner OR getting to the next level in your running journey so that you can feel confident in yourself, find joy in the journey, and consistently crush your goals.

Receiving individualized coaching in a program like this can lead to increased confidence over the course of a lifetime and help you find the spark of invincibility that running can give you.

Work with me

Are you ready to say YES to yourself and invest in YOU?

As your coach, I'm here to guide you through the process of becoming a runner or getting to the next level in your running routine, so that you can feel confident in yourself, find joy in the journey and consistently crush your goals. If you're ready to say YES to yourself, sign up now for a free introductory call!

frequently asked questions

What is the duration of your 1:1 coaching packages?

My 1:1 coaching packages are designed to provide runners with the best results and lasting improvements. I require a minimum commitment of 3 months. This duration allows me to help you build and solidify long-lasting habits, ensuring that you achieve the running routine you aspire to. It's important to note that the value of coaching extends beyond race day; I'm here to support you throughout your entire training journey, including the critical maintenance phase. This extended partnership is where real progress and sustainable running success truly shine.

Is it a good time to invest in a coach if I'm not currently training for a race or have just finished one?

YES! Working with a running coach offers a wide array of advantages that extend beyond race-specific training. While race preparation is a key focus, my coaching services are equally beneficial for runners seeking to establish a consistent and long-lasting running routine. I am dedicated to helping you achieve a successful running season that transcends race events and can also guide you in maintaining motivation and discipline when you're not actively preparing for a race. My coaching goes beyond races to support your overall running journey and your enduring commitment to this incredible sport.

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