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Hi! I'm Amy.

I help others build confidence and find joy in running so they can create a lifestyle of wellness and crush their goals.

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You're ready to incorporate running into your life in a way that feels easy so you can meet all of your running goals!

You're tired of starting and stopping when it comes to running and wish you'd finally stick to a running routine.


You're tired of running feeling so difficult because the pre-made training plans you find on Google don't make any sense and don't work with your lifestyle.

You're tired of hitting the pavement without seeing the results you desire.

You're fed up with training for your personal goal but coming up short.


That's why I'm here - I'm Amy Bostick - a certified running coach who helps women build confidence and find joy in running so they can create a lifestyle of wellness and crush their goals!

Here's how my 1:1 individualized coaching program will help you meet your running goals:



Together we create a personalized training plan tailored to you; based on your fitness level, opportunities, aspirations, strengths and schedule, with your end goal as the north star.


We work through common running myths, help you understand your plan and the why behind it, discuss the importance of hydration, nutrition, recovery, and more, so you feel confident in your training.


We create momentum through consistency and take time to celebrate every victory, no matter the size. Stay accountable with regular check-ins and personalized feedback.


We overcome motivation fluctuations, self-doubt and limiting beliefs so that you can get out of your own way. Enhance resilience so you can bounce back from challenges with a more powerful mindset.

Work with me

As your coach, I'm here to guide you through the process of becoming a runner or getting to the next level in your running routine, so that you can feel confident in yourself, find joy in the journey and consistently crush your goals. If you're ready to say YES to yourself, sign up now for a free introductory call!

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